Smash Palace Commissions Break out the Crown Lynn!

The treasured teacups that your grandmother gave you, the porcelain plates that had never been used, any of the china that you cherished and has been broken, can be reclaimed into gorgeous jewellery.

Salvage whatever pieces of porcelain you would like used and we will rework them for you into a genuine keepsake to hand on just as they were intended to be.

From teacups, saucers, cake plates, sugar bowls, dinner plates, milk jugs, teapots, and china of all exquisite varieties we can make you personal and exceptional pendants, earrings, buttons, cufflinks and so much more. We believe in recycling and we cherish our china whether it is broken or whole. You too can transform your pitchers or pots into a keepsake for yourself or for someone you love.

We make jewellery and wall hangings out of all types and styles of china. However we do not make jewellery out of crystal or glass.

Please see our Commission Pricing and then:

Step 1  Choose the type of jewellery or wall hanging you would like.

Step 2  Print out and fill in our Commission Form [PDF 89KB] (please see an example here). Detail each piece to be made and which china to use and the approximate sizing in mm. If you like you can mark in a permanent marker on the reverse of the china.

Step 3  Post your broken treasures and your completed Commission Form to: Smash Palace Jewellery, 37 Blue Mountains Rd, Silverstream, Upper Hutt 0519

Step 4  When your jewellery is completed we will email you an invoice with payment details. We will post your jewellery within 3 days of cleared payment.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for completion of your pieces. Please keep this in mind if you are commissioning for a special occasion.

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