Clare takes over the reins from Jo and Caroline
Smash Palace

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We are thrilled to announce that the wonderful Clare Barlow is taking the throne. We have crowned her in china and are so excited about the amazing direction and plans she has forSmash Palace Jewellery It has been an amazing adventure and we are a little emotional to hand our teenage business over however we feel very confident that Clare will continue Smash Palace with passion and has the time and energy to grow the business and take it to new and fabulous heights.


Radio NZ National interview, 14/2/12

Stuff newspaper article:
'Wellington Business a Smashing Success

Erin Simpson Show 27/7/11

Radio NZ 'From Broken Shards'... 1/4/11

TV3 News 1/4/11

Objects of Beauty...

Jeweller Magazine

The Press 28/3/11 "Broken Porcelain treasures..."

Jewellery World Aust. news

Craft 2.0

Smash Palace @ FELT

Thank you Christchurch!

Christchurch you were incredible. Heirlooms from the Heart will be one of our most precious memories and your resilience and spirit will encourage and inspire us for a long long time.

Ceramic Stories

There are so many stories out there that connect you and your history through your crockery. Gorgeous china has been around since the 1700’s and if you can go back that far we’ll happily smash a plate for you! Send us all your stories now and we will add them to our collection ...

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